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Covert Sniper Cell Covert Sniper Cell

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Laughable graphics, typical crappy sounds, non-existent interactivity, absolutely no originality or style, and bugs that pretty much ruin the game - or lack thereof. Please don't submit this kind of low quality shit, or at least try to put some effort into it and make it playable.

Argonites (with car) Argonites (with car)

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I unfortunately cannot rate this.

Why? Because I have the same problem with this game as all your other ones, which 90% of the other people seem to have -- it's so fucking slow, it'd take 12 hours to walk a few steps.

Xiao Xiao 9 Xiao Xiao 9

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It doesn't really match in comparison to any of you're other Xiao Xiao creations in my opinion. The stick figures themselves didn't look as good as always and the animations were plain and simple (and do take note that you are great at animation) There wasn't many attacks or anything from what I gathered and it got rather diffucult towards the end. No kinds of weapons or cool moves like the enemy has, seemingly.. but this is a beta I suppose. And to rest this short review, the sound was OKAY but they all seemed of different qualities which were odd, and some of them were kinda annoying.

Paintball Paintball

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Graphics - The background graphics are done quite well and look very decent. The paintball gun itself looks pretty cool aswell.
Sound - There isn't much to this, but that's ok. I'm glad that no sound was included (this wasn't meen to be immersive and intense, afterall) but back to the sounds. The shots and splatters are fine, but give me a headache after awhile, and the sound when you hit a smiley is good, not too repeitive, or annoying or of poor quality at all.
Interactivity - I wish there we could have had interacted alittle bit more with the backgrounds, such as shooting the computers or peoples heads. That'd be funny.
Style - It IS unique. I never see any paintball related submissions on NewGrounds, especially not games. This one takes alittle unique twist on it and makes it not so serious, but fun, addictive, unique and great for stress relief!
Violence - I almost felt bad for those poor smileys, getting hit in the face by the paintballs, but seriously. There is no violence (or to my knowledge) to be found in this little game, thankfully, though I think shooting those guys in the head on Level 2 is sorta violent.. but, eh.
Humor - I don't know. I thought it was funny, in a cute way, or something.
Overall - This is a great game. I hope to see future advancements done on this or possibly a sequel (just don't change the gameplay!) This game is good in every category. It gets boring after awhile, but that's just me, and I gotta be fair.. I can't just flame it to hell because I get bored of games fast. I don't know what else to say (though. I am sure I can think of plenty more, but that's enough for now)

Metal Slug:Kill the Nazis Metal Slug:Kill the Nazis

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Graphics - The game sprites don't count (though, they could use some improvments such as you're character doing a walking animation when he's not even moving). The only other graphics that I saw was the ground itself, which was solid color and extremely horrible. The other which I saw was the muzzle flash/bullets, which were again solid color and terribly done. But that's ok.
Sound - The music was annoying, repeitive and just didn't seem to fit (thank god it ended eventually). The other sounds were ok, despite the fact that there was almost no variety.
Interactivity - I don't think I need to explain myself here, but there really wasn't enough of this.
Style - Very unoriginal idea, nothing unique about it. Fun for abit though.
Violence - There was blood, it looked pretty good too.
Humor - The guy that runs around that you sadly cannot shoot. Haha.
Overall - This could use many improvments, enemies with weapons, more variety in enemies and sounds, new music, some kind of powerups/pickups. I can't think of anything else.

DDay (game) DDay (game)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Review of DDay (game)

Graphics - They were actually pretty good, Omaha Beach itself looked great (even though it's an ripoff of MoH:AA's).. the soldiers looked cool, though the starting scene wasn't all too great (boat) nor did the blood (but who's gonna notice?)
Sound - While all(?) are from MoH, you used them very well, though the guns in the bunkers (on the Captain scene and after) were annoyingly repeitive(however, who's gonna sit there and listen to it?)
Interactivity - It wasn't much, but it was better then your trailer, even though it's rather simple. It still remained fun
Style - I love anything related to Omaha Beach, especially good flash movies! this, while obviously highly inspired(.. maybe higher then that?) still is a very cool and well done idea (I liked that there was multiple ways to go, and the incorrect ones would make you go back to the previous mission)
Violence - There was some gunfire, the ocassional blood(which, as mentioned before.. didn't look to great, but who's gonna notice?) and what this is based on.. (get a history book, if you don't know)
Humor - The only thing that amused me in the slightest form, was the 'lil bobbin heads on the opening boat scene.. so cute!
Overall - I deserve to die for my awful reviews, now back to the point. It's a good movie/game, and I don't really see any needs for improvments, besides maybe some more "levels" and the feature to actually be able to earn different badges other then Bronze (or can you?)

Footrest responds:

Thanks so much for your long, and very helpful review. Yes this game is simple (my first game.) I don't know any of the coding to make platforming games or anything, though this was a relativley (cant spell it) new idea to NG.
Your review style telling me why you gave me the score you did for every catagory was very helpful. Thank's for puting your time in.

I may not know how to put code, but I have a friend to do that for me on my next game. Go check out his game that's almost done. His alias is NoQuarterLife, pretty cool stuff. And together we're working on a new Dday Game! You control a guy from top view and shoot and things. It should be done in 2 weeks or so. Just look for it.

Phycic Powers: One Phycic Powers: One

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I give you a 0 just for telling me to vote 5 - this is a PIECE OF SHIT! never submit anything EVER again! or i'll stab you with a plastic spoon

Breakdown Version 2 Breakdown Version 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars


.. I feel the need to kill myself right now, however I personally think it'd be more "funner" if you made it so the globes kept growing(tetris-like)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Besides the fact it runs at about 1fps on my computer(which is only .7ghz away from being totally up to date), it's not bad...

Graphics - Nothing really here to call decent. they are OK, but still don't deserve to be called decent. (did you possibly steal that car from that Flash Racer game or whatever?)
Sound - Nothing to rate here, since there is none. sadly
Interactivity - I don't really need to explain myself here
Style - Nothing new, same old random, pointless killing. Plus it's obviously inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series(also seeing how you have another flash game which is based on it)
Violence - Well, there's blood!
Humor - The only humor was those houses, damn they were cheesy!
Overall - I'm not sure if this is a demo or not, but either way.. It's not bad, would be nice if i could run it better though, Sounds would be nice. as would new areas, new vehicles, etc! Anyway, i wish you good luck on future projects

The Defender The Defender

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I spent an hour playing this, i love it!

Graphics - Well, even though they do suck. they just kind of fit with the game
Sound - Awful, the starting music is very bad and it repeating is annoying. The ingame sound sucks more(the gunshots sounds like someone throwing a rubber ball against a piece of wood)
Interactivity - I'm not going to comment here, since it's obvious that this game does have a good amount of it :-) I especially love the flip/roll things, reminds me of The Matrix
Style - It's atleast somewhat unique, something different then a dress-up game :-) Nice idea
Violence - Well, there IS muzzle flashes(that IS what that is right?) even though they don't look much like one, and there is oval bloodspots too
Humor - The only humor is when you do that weird jump far in the air, hehe. that's funny
My Suggestions - Make a more "realistic-mission" like mode, where you have life and can die. and can choose between a few diff chars all with diff guns :-) And ofcourse replace the stick-graphics with some real-looking people if you did this. Needs a snowy background, some more enemies(ofcourse) and some new sound! Rip Counter-Strike's gunshot sounds if you have to. Anything will be better then this (and some better music inwhich you can turn on/off in game would be nice too but not the crappy Menu music!)

I think that is all, peace - and please make a part 2 or something! :-(

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